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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 10, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> that's right. sky 7 is overhead right gather . >> good evening. i'm dna. u' s o countdown clock in 15 m. >> >> dozens of east bay gang members charged with burglary and computer hacking, caught on camera hitting on businesses to hit on credit card terminals. >> the gang members are accused of hitting stores in 11 counties in northern california. >> we're live from the marin county civics center. it's unbelievable. >> reporter: well, this was a pretty big investigation, dan. members of two groups, two gangs were arrested in three east bay theegor climb
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unrneath, andame over to credit card machine. >> reporter: video caught those two people quickly moving towards the front counterrafael looking for the credit card machine and leaving it with in hand. you can see them exiting the store while a car waits for them outside. the entire crime took about one minute. today at a press conference in sacramento, the attorney general revealed that law enforcement recovered 40 credit card machines. he said 32 members of two gangs called bully boys and coko boys and their associates were arrested. both gangs are from the east bay. >> using identity theft and fraud against dozens of, get this, not the person on the street, not the person at the
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park or at the school, against merchants. >> reporter: this map shows the locations that were robbed in northern california mainly medical and dental offices. although other businesses were also targeted. they used the stolen terminals to run a take return for many times close to $1,000. putting it on a debit card to buy items or get cash. john george is with the northern california computer crimes task force. >> you're getting into a generation of criminals that grew up with computers and they're learning from other criminals. >> reporter: and when they stole the credit card machine from that carpet store in san rafael, they tried to obtain 30 -- more than $30,000, but fortunately, the bank knew that something was not right, something was wrong, and they were able to stop it. lyanne melendez, "abc7 news." >> thank you.
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dirty streets and sidewalks are one of the biggest complaints of people who live and work in san francisco. yet a recent analysis shows san francisco spends s s substantia more money than other cities to keep them clean. so what are you getting for your money exactly? carolyn? >> reporter: well, i live in francisco so i know about the conditions on the street. the city is spending millions, $35 million spent last year, and according to this report, that means more robust cleanup services and more frequent services. >> $35 million a year? i would like to see how that's spent. >> reporter: the analysis compared san francisco to 11 other cities which allocate $8 million a year to clean their
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streets and sidewalks. you can see san francisco spends more times as much per capita as chicago, which at 277 square miles is nearly five times larger. san francisco spends three times as much as l.a., and substant l substantially more than san jose. the analyst points out that san francisco shells out more bucks, but gets more in return. >> so we measured five core services, and in the other cities, none of them provided them multiple times per week, which we found to be the case in san francisco. so it's a higher level of service. >> reporter: those core services include power washing, cleaning up homeless encampments and responding to complaints. when it comes to those service calls, which is another factor contributing to the higher cost, san francisco is way out front. answering 77,000 calls last year. >> we do have more than double the complaints as baltimore the
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next city down on that list. >> reporter: this resident praises the effort. >> i think a lot of people give it a tough time, but i see the dollars at work. >> reporter: no one can deny many city streets remain dirty despite a 365-day a year operation. the mayor believes the solution will take more than money. >> it's about loving our city and taking pride in our city and being responsible for cleaning our city up. >> reporter: the city has budgeted even more money for street cleaning this year. it will pay for more personnel and more equipment. live along market street, caroline tyler, "abc7 news." >> carolyn, thank you very much. a san francisco muni bus driver is in critical condition after crashing a bus into a building between scott and pierce on lombard street.
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melanie woodrow is live from the scene with incredible dash cam video from this crash. >> reporter: absolutely, dan. you can see the shattered glass just over my shoulder here. and the individual who has that dash camera video says he just installed his camera a couple of months ago. he says if he didn't have that video and see it with his own eyes, he wouldn't believe what happened this morning. this is the view from janesh patell's dash camera. >> i didn't realize what happened. >> reporter: without skipping a beat, he slowed down and pulled over left. th driver was a 66-year-old who had been a long time bus operator. he was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. three passengers were also transported according to a hospital spokesperson. another surveillance camera captured this angle of the crash. >> oh, my god. it's horrible.
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>> reporter: they heard a long honk with a big bang. >> when the tree snapped, it sounded like thunder. >> reporter: she said had it not been for the tree, she's not sure what would have happened to her guests. include thing man staying above where the collision occurred. >> i said do you want the same room? he said that's the lucky room for me. >> reporter: the street was closed for several hours, costing this company more than $10,000 in business. >> just shut us down. you know, we have no cars going in or out, no parts, no tires, nothing gets delivered. >> reporter: each muni bus has 10 to 12 cameras on it. it could take several weeks to determine the cause. the individual with that dash camera video was still really shaken up. when we spoke to him hours after the collision, he said he felt like he narrowly escaped being injured or corse. melanie woodrow, "abc7 news."
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>> melanie, thank you. interstate 5 in shasta county is back open, thanks to progress in the fight against the delta fire. authorities reopened one lane around 8:30 this morning in each direction. the fire has burned nearly 41,000 acres, and is 5% contained. homes along the i-5 corridor are still evacuated. all evacuation orders are lifted for the snell fire burning in rugged terrain burning 40 miles north of napa. the blaze is 30% contained and it's burned nearly 2500 acres. no structures have been lost. the fire broke out saturday afternoon, threatening nearly 200 homes and prompting evacuations. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the plans for someone to repel down san francisco's millennium tower to inspect a cracked window have been pushed
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back at least a month. engineers checked it out from the inside. lawyers working for the millennium tower association ruled out any foreign objects causing that crack. >> here today, one of the mediators assigned to this case suggested that the builders and their experts would like to do a joint investigation so that we can all determine what the cause was at the same time and come to a consensus. we took some images and then we have now those image s and and i.t. specialist to see if we could salvage that. >> attorney tom miller says his group is hoping to salvage the images to get a better look at the crack. senator als will begin volt this week on judge brett
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kavanaugh. at a luncheon in santa barbara jedd, dianne feinstein said she is concerned that brett kavanaugh supports president trump's belief that the president is above the law. >> this nominee believes the president cannot be investigated, cannot be tried, is actually supreme. and i find that something that an oligarch would have, not an american president. >> this morning, harris tweeted that she finds it troubling that judge kavanaugh's white house record has not been made public. today, lafayette residents can weigh in on a historic park theater in town. a developer was planning on buying the theater but backed out last month. today, the city council will talk about what to do next.
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the public is invited to come. it starts at 7:00. that meeting is at the lafayette library community hall. we are counting down to the raiders' season opener. >> the raiders open their 2018 season on monday night football against the rams. the team that many consider has the best defensive front in the nfl. why derek carr and jon gruden hope to see a lot of that defense coming up after the break. and san francisco's mayor cutting the ribbon at a new restaurant today, how it could pave the way for local african-american entrepreneurs. >> i'm sandhya patel. a sharp cooldown is coming. i'll have the numbers coming up. and local prosecutors are warning about thieves and how
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the just a few hours, the raiders' season opener will kick off. sky 7 is overhead. we are counting down to the pregame coverage. you can see the clock ticking down. >> an hour and 47 minutes to go. very exciting. of course, all eye also s w on jon gruden. >> he will have his work cut out for him. the los angeles rams have a high powered offense to be sure. and the raiders traded away their best defensive player in khalil mack. >> mindy? >> reporter: yes, you talk about a challenge for jon gruden. this is a bit of irony. the raiders are going to face what many consider to be the best defensive front in the league, led by the rams' defensive player of the year, aaron donald. but they need to keep that defense on the field as long as possible, because l.a.'s offense
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scored the most points in the league last year. >> being in the system another year, understanding what our intent is on each play and what we're trying to get done and trying to accomplish, definitely eases that a little bit. you have a better idea of what you're trying to do. >> the easy thing is let's have a pep talk and 36 minutes of possession. i used to work on those talk shows. so the best way to win this game is to do something when you have the ball. >> you never know. we might have to go out there, it might be a shootout. we might have to score every possession. you never know. >> you sit there and everything is against you. everything is saying it's going to be hard. everything is saying you can't do it. all those things. i think it makes me more determined and motivated. >> reporter: and cooper and carr were hampered by injuries last year, so they expect their production to increase this
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year. adding marshawn lynch who just came out to warm up, and jordie nelson and carr expects his team to be excellent. so it's going to be a good matchup tonight. >> can't wait. thank you. this happy day for fans also brings dark clouds with the raiders' pending move to las vegas in 2020. >> wayne freedman joins us live now from the oakland parking lot where he took the pulse of the fans. >> reporter: raiders fans will tell you every game is a homecoming and a party, but safe to say today at least, with everything else buzzing around the air, they are living in the moment. old habits and old loves die hard. just ask andy coronado, a retired deputy sheriff. that love expressed in what used to be a yellow school bus, now decked out in silver and black and aborned with pictures
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designed to instill fear. >> family is moving to vegas. >> reporter: rose colored glasses raiders style. >> sitit is a bad relationship. it's like being a jilted lover where the wife tells you i want a divorce, but i'm going to stay with you for two years until my next lover is ready for me. and then i'll move in with him. >> reporter: call it the twice jilted lover syndrome, nfl style. we asked this fan about that. if your husband treated you the raiders are treating the oakland fans, would you be married? >> no, we would not. i would be gone. we're going to stick it out until they're gone, after that we'll go cal or stanford. >> i'm going to get a tattoo that says oakland raiders, rest in peace. >> reporter: in summary, six words -- breaking up is hard to do.
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but for raiders' fans, there's still tonight. in oakland, wayne freedman, "abc7 news." >> that's a problem for another day. right now just having fun out there. the season opener is tonight here on abc 7. pregame coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. live again from the oakland coliseum. due to tonight's game "bachelor in paradise" will air in its entirety overnight starting at 1:05 a.m. so either stay u or set that dvr. now to some consumer news. a fraud alert involving a very popular chain of stores. >> michael finney is here with more on that. this will get your attention. >> costco, scammers are using that good name in an attempt to rip you off. the district attorney's office says callers pretending to be from costco offer a $500 costco travel credit or cash card if the person answering the phone
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agrees to take a survey. you know where this is going. it asks for personal information that can be used to commit identity theft. the american middle class is no longer shrinking. that's the good news, but it continues losing ground to upper income families. now, that is according to a recent study by the pew research institute. about 52% of americans are middle class, that's town about 10% from 1971. an analysis finds the income gap between the well-to-do and lower and middle income families is the largest ever recorded. the median income for middle class households is about $58,000. upper income median, $175,000. there is a very good chance you will owe taxes at the end of this year. a report by the government accountability office says taxes for 30 million americans, about 1 in 5, are being held -- or i
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should say, underheld by their employers. this follows a republican rewrite of the federal income tax code that put more money in the pocket of many employees, but come next year forany, the government is going to reach into those pockets and take some of that back out. the irs has a calculator showing how much should be withheld from your particular paycheck. i will post a link to that calculator. just go to the website and check it out. >> thanks, michael. on to the weather and forecast for the game. >> now your accuweather forecast with sandhya patel. >> yeah. and it's a big game for the raiders/rams tonight. 64 degrees, it will start out sunny and remain clear, but cooling down to 58 degrees. so really good looking weather, feeling like fall out there by the time that game gets under way. showing you an absence of fog right now. one of the reasons is the wind. take a look. gusting right now out of the west at 36 miles an hour in san francisco. and that refreshing breeze is
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keeping the low clouds and fog away for now. we are seeing a little bit of haze there, as we take a look. san francisco, in the 70s. san jose 80 degrees. morgan hill at 87. from our kgo roof camera, watching the breeze, 85 in santa rosa. fairfield, concord, 86 degrees. today, mid sects to the mid 90s inland. if it's too hot for you inland, there are changes coming. highlights, clear and breezy, much cooler pattern for wednesday and thursday. temperatures will be well below average as we head into the weekend. a live picture here, showing you blue skies and here's a look at your morning temperatures. in the 40s and 50s. so under mainly clear conditions. you'll need to grab a jacket or a sweater before you head out the door. tomorrow afternoon, temperatures
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will be coming down to the mid 80s opposed to the mid 90s. 85 in livermore. oakland, 70 degrees. san francisco, 64. sunshine for everyone. 62 in half moon bay. 77 degrees in san jose. i want to turn your attention to hurricane florence. it is a major category 4 hurricane in the atlantic. on this forecast track, models bring it in along the carolina coastline thursday into friday. they are going to be dealing with the storm surge as it makes landfall. and the reach of the rain will be far inland. this is something worth watching. also worth watching is olivia. it has weakened to a tropical storm in the pacific. but that one is targeti ining hawaii. and wednesday morning is when it will hit with heavy rainfall
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there. ice lated areas could see 20 inches of rain with the gusty winds and large waves. this could be a major problem for the hawaiian islands. download the accuweather app. forecasts will feature breeze and cooler weather for tuesday. look at these temperatures. in the mid 90s today and down to the upper 70s, you'll feel the change. low 60s, and milder for friday, saturday before those temperatures dip again on sunday. as of right now, there's no sign of hot west in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you, sandhya. san francisco's mayor helping open a new restaurant today. >> that's right. how the owner hopes it will serve as a model
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the mayor of san francisco
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celebrated a new restaurant. "abc7 news" was there as she helped cut the ribbon in the bay view hunter's point neighborhood. she said it helped owners with permitti permitting. >> it helps small businesses navigate the crazy bureaucratic process that exists in city hall. many of you know about that when it comes to small businesses, when it comes to housing, when it comes to a number of things in order to get something as simple and incredible as this business open, the city sometimes can be an obstacle. >> she also credited another program that allowed the owners to secure a new liquor license at an affordable discount. amazing story, two california deputies rush a baby to the hospital after finding him unresponsive during a traffic response. >> the emotional reunion between the deputies and that baby. and abc's new brand,
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itch, -- >> you'll motor a venezuelan violinist. >> check it out. >> we hear a song and we just dance right there. >> even though you don't speak much english -- >> my violin speaks perfect english. ♪ >> the city is kind of our stage.
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coming up at 6:00, governor brown's plan to phase out electricity produced by fossil fuels by 2045. tonight, how it would work and the bay area residents already on their way to making it happen. the battle to save hundreds of trees in the east bay. pg&e claims they need to come down, but we'll show you who is standing in the way. and we're getting word of the first west nile virus deaths in california for 2018. it may be september, but we'll sm explain why the risk is far from over. los angeles deputies reunite with a baby whose life they saved. >> two weeks ago they pulled over a speeding car when the parents got out, they said their baby wasn't breathing. so the deputies rushed him to the hospital. >> i didn't know how long he
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hadn't been breathing for or if he would make it. just glad to see he's here and healthy. >> that's great. >> the family tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the state of emergency. hurricane florence barreling towards the east coast. now a category four hurricane. just moments ago, a fourth state declaring an emergency. winds now reaching 140 miles per hour. mandatory evacuations set. life-threatening conditions. several feet of rain. rob marciano standing by on the coast. also tonight, the police officer now charged with manslaughter, after entering what she thought was her own apartment. it was her neighbor's. she shot and killed him. tonight, the video and the effort to save his life. les moonves, the head of cbs, steps down, as several new accusers come forward.
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what cbs is saying about his $120 million severance.


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